Hey there, it's Gou.

Welcome to my site! I'm so glad you made it here... uh, whoever you are!

I'm not sure why exactly you're here, and I'm not sure what you expected to find, but I can ensure you there isn't anything interesting here. Or... is there? No, but really, you aren't going to find anything cool here. I don't even know how to program a site, but I'm pulling this out my ass so I bid you a good day, for I have nothing more to prattle on about. Except my interests, actually. It wants me to add a link, so here's something that makes me overly emotional. Yes, I'm sappy and thoroughly enjoy things created for young children, what are you gonna do about it? Tell my friends? Please, they already know I'm a loser... and probably already hate me by now. I don't blame 'em, I'm kinda annoying.

My favorite things at the moment

  1. Pokemon, primarily Journeys. I was raised on Pokemon and have always had periods of obsession with it, but this one isn't ending any time soon, let me tell you. FirstFriendShipping (Satoshi/Go) is my weakness, and Amourshipping was cute but this pair takes the cake, the Poke puff even (can't add an accent, the site apparently doesn't understand those). I believe in fire and psychic type supremacy, and my top three Pokemon are Aceburn, Mew and Delphox (I know I'm a dork, leave me alone).
  2. Family Guy. My main obsession there lies with Brewie! Don't judge me, they have really good chemistry. Their inhabiting the bodies of a dog and a toddler are just something I tend to ignore since they're fictional anyway, and in case you weren't aware, I'm not attracted to infants or labrador retrievers either. Sorry to burst your bubble! /lh
  3. South Park, I just adore it, partially because it helped me through a lot. I can't wait for the upcoming movies, it's said that there are two to come just this year alone! Not sure how they plan on making twelve others, though. Matt and Trey sure are milking the show's success now, aren't they? But hey, you gotta love 'em.